Dashboard Installation

At the time of installation, please take the time to see this videos. If you have any questions feel free to contact us. It's our pleasure to serve. 

Installation Steps:

  • Remove all attached screws.
  • After removing all screws, the dashboard can now be easily removed.
  • Screw in left and right two main screws to keep your internal dashboard in place.
  • Remove all the panels from your new dashboard to prepare it for installation & attach the driver side air vents with glue.
  • Attach the new dashboard by aligning the middle and pressing it from the bottom to the top and then aligning the corners.
  • Screw in the top right section of your new dash to hold it in place starting from right to left. (Always push the dashboard back when putting these screws in place)
  • Install the fuse-box by carefully moving it into place and screwing it into the dashboard. (We provide fuse-box screws for the top section.)
  • Screw on the fuse panel and attach air filters to the right side of the dash
  • Re-install the steering wheel by pushing it towards the dash and screwing it in.
Re-install the components as seen in the video and finish screwing in the dash & its panels and you’re done!